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Building a feminist internet movement.

Southeast Asia Feminist Hub (SAFe hub) is a resource hub for the various women rights organizations in Southeast Asia to diversify and amplify each others’ campaigns and initiatives. Through this repository of feminist educational materials, various individuals and groups across the region can connect to each other and form networks.

This website pools essential informational materials that the community created, endorsed and found useful in getting to know the women’s situation in Southeast Asia. SAFe Hub aims to organize and provide simple access to these resources which include researches, campaigns and opportunities for participation and collaboration. Provided with this rich material, this site hopes to foster solidarity among feminists and feminist organization in Southeast Asia.

These foundational resources are gathered in hopes of fostering critical thinking among women’s empowerment and gender equality advocates in Southeast Asia especially on issues that impact our work. SAFe Hub hopes to inform theory, practice, policy, and fund development among the feminist non-profit organizations and movements in Southeast Asia.

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